Mike Uehlein

Mike Uehlein

Founder and Lead Financial Planner

Hi There!

With over 10 years of financial industry experience, I quickly came to the realization there is a lack of consistent, objective, and easy-to-understand information around financial planning – especially in the space of cryptocurrency. The information that is available often comes at a large cost to those individuals looking to improve their financial situation. 

We started WealthU because we believe in doing things differently.

  • No commissions or kick backs from anyone (we only are paid by our clients)
  • We pride ourselves in deeply understanding traditional and cryptocurrency markets
  • We use technology to make your life easier
  • We help with more than just investment management

Whether you’re a thriving business owner or career-driven professional, having the right financial advocate and partner can go a long way towards ensuring a prosperous future. If this sounds like you, I hope you’ll schedule a free consultation.

– Mike Uehlein


Investment Philosophy

WealthU believes in keeping things simple. As an independent, fee-only investment advisor we do not receive sales commissions and are not beholden to a particular investment product or company.  We primarily utilize a low cost, passive investment style.  However, we are not a mindless robot or computer algorithm.  We believe individual investors do possess some advantages over larger institutions and thus seek to use those advantages to our client’s benefit when possible.