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We encourage you to schedule an introductory phone call to discuss your financial planning and wealth management needs. If you have any questions about getting started, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Most frequent questions and answers

The first meeting is free. The purpose of this meeting is to get to know each other and figure out if we’d like to work together. Financial planning is a very personal process, so it’s important to pick someone who makes you feel comfortable.

A Financial Planner provides two main benefits to clients: subject knowledge and behavior management. The knowledge, such as information about investing, taxes, estate planning, and insurance can surely be learned on your own, if you have the time and interest to educate yourself. Managing behavior and emotions is quite difficult, and it can really help to have someone to keep you motivated and focused.

I offer virtual meetings (using videoconferencing software) and in-person meetings if you’re in the Central PA area. 

Your money is held at TD Ameritrade or Altruist our designated custodians. Their role is to hold assets, execute trades initiated by WealthU Advisors, provide monthly statements, and tax reporting. You would have 24/7 access to your accounts online.

WealthU Advisors is a fee-only, fiduciary financial planning practice. We don’t get paid a commission for recommending specific investments or financial products. We work for you and are paid only by you. This means you can always rest assured that we’re working with your best interest in mind. This is not the way that all financial professionals operate. We urge you to make sure you understand how your advisor is being compensated.

For all of our new prospects we build and deliver a comprehensive financial plan of which we charge an upfront, one-time fee for at the commencement of the engagement. This planning process usually takes up to 60 days and from there we charge you an on-going annual retainer fee. Most clients choose to have their annual fee paid from their investment accounts, but some choose to pay us directly. Either is fine with us.

If you want someone to pick the next hot stock or trade actively, we may not be a good fit. We construct portfolios using low-cost, diversified investments. We believe in an academically tested, low cost, disciplined investment philosophy.

If you’re averse to using technology to manage your financial life, you may not be comfortable with us. We use an online client portal to share information and often communicate with our clients via email outside of in-person meetings for local clients.

Absolutely! With technology, we have the ability to effectively help clients all over the country. In some cases, meeting virtually actually helps us make our meetings more efficient. You can meet with us from the comfort of your own couch instead of a stuffy office. For those in Central PA, we’re more than happy to meet in person.

You can contact me with questions or schedule an introductory meeting if you would prefer to chat.