What a Kiss Can Teach You About Finance?

Kiss — this was written on a teammate’s basketball shoe. It has stuck with me throughout my life.

It stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. I’ve often thought about why there is so much complexity in life.

Personal finance can be a complex topic – Interest rates, student loans, taxes, expenses, investments, etc. The list is long.

Here are some practical tools anyone can use to simplify their own personal finances.

Sign up for Financial Software is a free option. This financial aggregation tool connects with your financial accounts including credit cards, student loans, bank accounts, etc. With this information, Mint will create a net worth statement and allow you to follow all of your transactions from these connected accounts.

At WealthU we use RightCapital. It is similar to Mint however has more robust investment and retirement planning tools.

Automate Accounts

Streamline your 401k contributions, savings, and 529 education accounts by selecting an automatic amount going to these accounts. Arrange your bank accounts to send a fixed amount each month to these saving vehicles.

Also, set-up autopay for all of the bills that you can. This will save you countless hours by allowing you to skip the online portal or having to mail a check each month. Not to mention you are saving trees!

Maintenance Calendar

Pick a day of the month or quarter when you will do your financial maintenance. This involves checking your bank account statements or financial aggregation software, verifying the transactions are correct and reviewing the progress towards your specific financial goals

Furthermore, mark on your calendar, a day each year when you can do a yearly review. This will involve a more holistic review of your investment accounts, total spending, insurance, beneficiaries, and taxes. Spending one day on this will allow you to see all of the progress you made during the year and motivate you to keep moving forward!

Credit Cards

If you chose to use credit cards, use one 2% cashback for daily use and one zero international transaction fee card for international use (if you travel abroad). Chasing cashback points with different credit cards is not worth the hassle.

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.   –  Albert Einsten

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Stay the courseYour future self will thank you.


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