Mike Uehlein


Pull One of the Two Levers

“We make our choices, then our choices make us.” – Anonymous Think you are not financially where you should be? There are no quick or easy roads. You have 2 levers to pull from.   a) You can increase your income  or b) Save more of your income   However, making more will not equate …

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What is Bitcoin?

I know what you are thinking… Are people really walking around exchanging what looks like made-up coins? (See picture above) No, this currency is not held in a leather wallet or purse. It is held in a digital wallet.  Today Bitcoin has surpassed the $20,000 milestone. Why has Bitcoin become popular? To be able to …

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Why Should I Sell My Company Stock?

It feels good to have company stock.  Your employer values your work and you feel like you are being a team player. Some of the most common employer programs are: Employee Stock Purchasing Plan (ESPP): Typically will allow employees to purchase company stock at a discount through payroll deductions

RSUs Above Water

Golden Handcuffs: When Should I Sell My RSUs?

You are starting a new position and your company has offered you Restricted Stock Units. More and more public companies are in favor of granting their employees this type of stock-based compensation. RSUs hypothetically keep employee retention high, align employees with shareholders, and allow recipients the ability to participate in company success.   What are …

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4 Financial Steps to take during Natural Disasters

We haven’t seen a pandemic like this since the flu pandemic of 1918. Most of us, likely have never had our lives as disrupted as they are now. Virtual meetings, 6 ft social distancing, and canceled future travel plans have all affected us. The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has caused many people to understandingly questioning their …

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